We would like to thank all of the JSEL board members and supporters for joining our donation initiative to support groups combatting racism in America, advocating for criminal justice reform, and stopping police brutality. Together, we contributed nearly $3,400 to over 20 organizations waging these critical fights on the local and national level. Our work is not done, and we pledge to push JSEL forward as an organization that uses its platform to support issues surrounding race and equality in America. Sports has always been used as a platform for racial activism and we will continue to uphold this legacy.

Please see below for a list of the organizations we supported through this initiative:

Aftercare Jail Support
Black Lives Matter Global Network
Black Visions Collective
Bukit Bail Fund
Critical Resistance
Equal Justice Initiative
Fair Fight
George Floyd Memorial Fund
Innocence Project
Jacksonville Bail Fund
Louisville Bail Fund
Minneapolis Bail Fund
Mutual Aid Mamas (Somerville Mutual Aid)
North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence
North Carolina Freedom Fund
Pittsburgh Mutual Aid
Ramsey Orta Welcome Home Fund
Reclaim the Block
Southern Poverty Law Center
The Center for Death Penalty Litigation: CDPL

– Madison and Will