Editor’s Note: Welcome to Career Spotlights, where we publish short-form interviews with real-world sports/entertainment-industry practitioners who are employed by (or alumni of) our partner firms.

David Marroso, Partner, Century City, Los Angeles, CA

Practice Areas/Industries:  Sports and Entertainment Litigation

Education:  Harvard Law School

Hometown: Las Vegas

You Picked O’Melveny Because:  Warren Christopher

“Typical” Workday:  No such thing.  Every day is full of surprises.

Favorite Part Of Your Job:  Learning new industries, businesses, and client-focused strategies

What Fires You Up:  Trials

 What You Would Tell Yourself In Law School:  Slow down.

Person You’d Most Like To Meet In Your Industry:  Chief Justice John Roberts

CSEL x JSEL Members Might Be Surprised To Know:  Sports law is more law than sports

Favorite Law School Class (And Professor If HLS Alum):  Enjoyed the entire experience.  Favorite professors were Kagan, Zittrain, Hyman, and Ogletree

 Ideal Day Off:  Time with family