Rapper Travis Scott may be facing the music for his wild, over-the-top concerts. While these crazy antics have boosted his popularity, they have had dangerous consequences. A fan who claims he is now paralyzed because of his experience at a Travis Scott concert earlier this year has filed suit against the rapper. The fan, Kyle Green, attended the artist’s concert on April 30th in Manhattan. With the encouragement of Scott, the concert became increasingly dangerous as fans began jumping from the second level down to the floor. A video posted after the concert shows Scott telling these fans “Don’t be scared. They [the fans at floor level] are going to catch you.” Green, who insists that he did not jump voluntarily, says he was pushed from the third level as people scrambled to view the commotion. Even though he was clearly injured after the fall, Green further explains that Scott told his security guards to carry him to the stage, where Scott proceeded to give him his ring as a gift.

According to the New York Times, Green’s complaint alleges that he suffered a fractured right ankle, broken left wrist, and fractured vertebrae leaving him using a wheelchair. Green’s attorney filed the suit at the State Supreme Court in Manhattan and brought claims against Travis Scott, his manager, the concert promoter, the venue, and the security company for behavior resembling “negligence, carelessness, and recklessness.” This is not the first time Scott has dealt with the legal ramifications of his on-stage behavior. In 2015, Scott pled guilty to reckless conduct when he encouraged concertgoers at Lollapalooza to climb up on stage.  He was also arrested in May of this year for inciting a riot at a concert. Scott pled not guilty.

Jenna El-Fakih is an Entertainment Highlight Contributor for the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law and a current first year student at Harvard Law School (Class of 2020).