Actress Paz de la Huerta is suing Lionsgate for breach of contract in relation to injuries she sustained while filming the horror movie “Nurse 3D” in October 2011. A video that allegedly recorded the accident shows a woman being thrown to the ground after being struck by a stunt ambulance while on the set of Nurse 3D. De la Huerta claims that she suffered numerous injuries as a result of being hit, including a broken tailbone and a spinal fracture, that reportedly required more than 20 surgeries to repair. The “Boardwalk Empire” and “Nurse 3D” star has stated that the incident left her physically and emotionally scarred and unable to work. According to the New York Daily News, De la Huerta’s initial suit also included “claims that Lionsgate illegally over-dubbed some of her lines with the voice of an ‘emotionless’ actress,” but Los Angeles County Judge Gerald Rosenberg sided with Lionsgate and agreed that the First Amendment protects using voice over artists. Despite being stripped down, the court refused Lionsgate’s request to dismiss the case outright and has given the actress’ two counts relating “to her bone-cracking collision” the green light to proceed in the $55 million suit.


Loren Shokes is an Entertainment and Sports Highlight Contributor for the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law and a current second year student at Harvard Law School (Class of 2017).