As Williams’ family continues to mourn his passing, an interesting twist in the division of Williams’ property arose on Monday according to the Hollywood Reporter. In addition to providing for the distribution of his personal property, Robin Williams also establishes how his image may be used after his death. More specifically, the Robin Williams Trust gave the rights to his likeness, name, signature, and photographs to the Windfall Foundation, a charitable organization Williams created. The Trust also states that his right of publicity will be protected for 25 years after his passing–which prevents the use of his image in advertisements or holograms for films and television shows. Furthermore, the Trust also seeks a charitable tax dedcution. Therefore, it sets forth that if such a deduction cannot be acquired with the Windfall Foundation, Williams’ right of publicity will pass to another charity that is eligible for such a deduction (i.e. Make-a-Wish). With the development of new technologies appropriating celebrities’ personas in films and other media after their death, more stars may follow William’s lead. Robin Williams was always on the cutting edge of his field–therefore, there is no other way for him to leave public stage.