According to the New York Daily News, Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan, face a million dollar lawsuit over their mobile application, Vigme. The app allows users to identify clothes worn by celebrities and make purchases in the app. However, Fima Potik claims that Lohan stole the business idea from his app, Spotted Friend. Potik originally approached the Lohans to help raise funds for his business and to help promote its use. Instead, Potik claims Lohan stole his idea by creating Vigme. On Friday, Lohan’s lawyer argued against the grant of an injunction, stating that because Spotted Friend never  became a fully functional mobile app, there is no basis for the injunction. While Potik argues breach of contract, Lohan’s lawyer claims the contract was broken when Potik failed to create the final app. Yet, the court decided that Lohan must cease promotion and investment in Vigme until the full hearing takes place on November 20th. While a small victory for Potik, it remains to be seen who the court will rule at the end of the month.