ABC News reports that in the wake of the celebrity photo leak, Snapchat users have found their private photos available for public viewing on the 4Chan website. Snapchat is known for its ephemeral uploads–preventing users from saving their images and including a prohibition on the use of third party applications to save the pictures taken and received. Yet, Snapchat claims its innocence–that the recent breach is the result of the use of such third party applications. The Company recognizes that these applications “‘compromise [its] users’ security;” therefore, should Snapchat have taken a more active role in disabling third party applications or redesigning its software to make its program incompatible with these apps? Ultimately, “[t]he mere fact that apps exist that have essentially reverse engineered Snapchat API means that the technology is vulnerable.” Even without the third party programs it is unlikely that the photos on Snapchat are truly “gone.” In an increasingly digital age, how much privacy should we expect and what types of measures should companies be required to take to maintain it?