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Tattoos and Copyright, Take-Two


In 2016, Take-Two, a video game company that is the creator of the NBA 2K series of video games, was sued by Solid Oak Sketches, a company who owns the copyright in several NBA players’ tattoos. Solid Oak argued that the video game series, which seeks to simulate the NBA, infringed on their copyright because […]

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Nintendo says “Mama Mia!” to Tokyo’s Real-Life Mario Kart


Tourists hoping to visit the Mushroom Kingdom may have to make other plans, after Nintendo filed a lawsuit against a Japanese company offering real-life Mario Kart inspired tours of Tokyo. According to the New York Times, Nintendo is claiming that the rental company, which operates under the name of MariCar in English, violates Nintendo’s intellectual […]

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The Future of Sports is Virtual


While fans of traditional sports may view eSports with some skepticism, the business people behind traditional sports leagues appear to see a promising investment opportunity. For example, in early February, the NBA and Take-Two Interactive, the creator of the NBA 2K video game franchise, announced the launch of an eSports league with teams controlled by […]

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Call of Duty’s Lawyers Called to Duty in French Court

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According to the BBC, the children of late Angolan rebel leader, Jonas Savimbi, are suing the makers of Call of Duty in France for €1 million in damages for his “rather unfavorable” depiction in the best-selling video game.  Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the video game at the heart of the suit, features a […]

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