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Is Age Really Nothing But A Number?


Earlier this month, the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) filed a lawsuit requesting an injunction against the Actor Age Censorship Law, a California law that allows actors to demand that IMDb remove all references to their age from the website. This piece of legislation was passed in late 2016 and was supported by the Screen Actors Guild […]

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No More Secrets For The NFL?


The past few months have not treated the NFL very well. The League recently posted record low ratings for Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football ratings have sunk to a 5-year low. Despite this ratings slump, the NFL’s most recent problem is of even more economic significance. On October 24th, Justice Jeffrey Oing of the […]

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Hulu Wins Privacy Class Action


According to the Hollywood Reporter, on Tuesday Hulu was victorious in its four year class action lawsuit. The litigation centered on the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988, which prohibits the disclosure of an individual’s purchases or uses of audio visual materials. According to the plaintiffs, Hulu violated the Act by allowing Hulu users to […]

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Snapchat Breach


ABC News reports that in the wake of the celebrity photo leak, Snapchat users have found their private photos available for public viewing on the 4Chan website. Snapchat is known for its ephemeral uploads–preventing users from saving their images and including a prohibition on the use of third party applications to save the pictures taken and […]

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Celebrity Photo Leak and Prior Restraints


In light of the nude photos of celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, leaked last month, there is much discussion regarding an individual’s right to privacy. In the photo leak case, legal action can be taken against the original hacker; but what about subsequent uses of these photos? An artist in Florida had […]

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