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Montana Governor Plants His Flag for Net Neutrality

"Save net neutrality, San Francisco" by Credo Action licensed under CC BY 2.0.

A week after 21 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit against the FCC over its repeal of Net Neutrality, Montana Governor Steve Bullock signed an executive order protecting Net Neutrality in his state. The executive order points to oft-cited reasons for net neutrality as well as less conspicuous, though nonetheless relevant, ones. […]

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Net Neutrality–A Boon for Netflix or a Detriment to Innovation?

Netflix Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings

Last week FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, announced that the Federal Communications Commission would impose strict rules to enforce net neutrality. According to Law360, Wheeler seeks to re-classify broadband providers as public utilities, such that they will be regulated like electric companies. This announcement has been developing over the past few months. Originally, Wheeler sought to […]

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Obama Endorses Net Neutrality


According to Deadline, President Obama supported the reclassification of broadband service in the Telecommunications Act on Monday morning, from an information service to a telecommunications service. This has implications for the entertainment industry primarily in the television sphere. The reclassification would allow the FCC to regulate Internet in the same way that it currently regulates telephone […]

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