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Believeland No More: Boylan Files Age Discrimination Suit Against Cavs


Since superstar LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers this past summer, the Cavs have been in a steep nose dive. Most recently, former assistant coach James Boylan (63 years old) filed an age discrimination suit in Ohio county court after the Cavs exercised their right not to extend Boylan’s contract […]

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Nike Gets the ‘W’ in ‘Jumpman’ Copyright Suit

Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

On Tuesday, February 27, a 2-1 split Ninth Circuit panel rejected a copyright suit against Nike Inc. alleging the athletic company’s “Jumpman” logo infringed on a photographer’s copyright. The court ruled that the logo was not substantially similar enough to Jacobus Rentmeester’s photo of Jordan from a 1984 issue of LIFE magazine. Rentmeester originally had […]

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GOP Tax Plan Doesn’t See Fun in Stadium Funding

Mahanga, Cowboys Stadium field, CC BY-SA 3.0

In the latest tax reform proposal, private activity bonds – a standard tool to finance stadium construction for decades – have been placed on the chopping block. House Republicans released proposed tax reforms that would eliminate private activity bonds. Interest earned on private activity municipal bonds is tax exempt. It is estimated that the government […]

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Online Sports Wagering? Don’t Bet On It

Online Sports Wagering? Don’t Bet On It

On October 30, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 271, a gaming expansion bill that legalizes, among other things, online sports betting in Pennsylvania. Wolf’s signature comes a week after the state legislature passed the bill, which legalizes and regulates daily fantasy sports, online gambling, and sports betting. The bill includes a steep 36% […]

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Pulling Weeds out of NBA’s Banned Substances List


Former National Basketball Association (“NBA”) Commissioner David Stern has announced that he believes marijuana should be removed from the NBA’s banned substances list. In a documentary for the online sports programming network Uninterrupted, Stern speaks with former NBA player Al Harrington about the medicinal value of marijuana in the league. During the conversation, Stern tells […]

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Family Feud: Los Angeles Lakers’ Edition


  Apparently the turmoil embroiling by the Los Angeles Lakers doesn’t just stay on the court. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, a bitter family feud rages behind the scenes over control of the legendary franchise. On March 3rd, 2017, part owner and President of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanie Buss, was granted a […]

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When Politics and Sports Collide


In early January 2017, Texas State Senator Lois Kolkhorst unveiled Senate Bill 6, which, if passed, would prohibit the enforcement of local nondiscrimination ordinances allowing transgender people in Texas to use the bathroom of their choice and would instead require all those in Texas to use the bathroom that matches their “biological sex” in government […]

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The NBA and Trump’s Immigration Ban


Over the past few weeks, President Donald Trump’s Executive Order (EO) on visas and refugees has dominated the news. Executive orders, which are legally binding directives made by the President in order to direct federal agencies, are often controversial, however Trump’s immigration EO seems to have procured more negative attention than any EO in recent […]

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Interview with NBA General Counsel Rick Buchanan


The Journal on Sports and Entertainment Law recently sat down with Rick Buchanan, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of the NBA, to discuss current issues in professional sports. Rick is a 1988 HLS graduate and joined the NBA in 1993. The interview was conducted by Loren Shokes, an Entertainment and Sports Highlight Contributor for […]

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