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Kesha Sexual Abuse Case Updates


According to the Hollywood Reporter, last week Kesha filed a lawsuit against the producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald for sexual abuse. The case began when Kesha was 18 years old and dropped out of high school at Dr. Luke’s suggestion. She eventually signed with Dr. Luke in 2005. The filed suit claims that Dr. Luke raped Ms. […]

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California Cracks Down on Music Piracy


California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill targeting music piracy. In an ever-increasing digital age, music is one of the most affected industries in terms of intellectual property violations. In fact, earlier this week the US District Court found that the music streaming service, Grooveshark, violated various artists’ copyrights because its employees directly uploaded the infringing music […]

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New Copyright Ruling for Pre-1972 Sound Recordings


On Monday, the California district court found SiriusXM liable for its failure to pay royalties to 1960s band, the Turtles (best known for their hit, “Happy Together”). The law suit, which began in 2013, centers on pre-1972 sound recordings. As a digital music service, SiriusXM must pay royalties to music publishers and master recording copyright […]

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