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European Songwriters Pressure US to Change Copyright Exception


When the owner of a public space plays recorded music, she must obtain a license for the public performance of the copyrighted musical work. American copyright laws require the owner to only obtain one license for the song copyright, whereas in other countries, owners are required to obtain an additional license for the recording copyright, […]

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Musicians Fight for Legal Reform in a Changing Industry


As the year draws to an end and music fans start to speculate on which artists will and should be honoured with Grammy nominations, the Recording Academy, the organization in charge of the Grammy Awards, will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention for its always controversial choices. However, most fans are unaware of the Academy’s […]

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Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” Not Worth Ten Thousand Words?


Irish superstar Ed Sheeran and his song writing team were recently hit with a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that Sheeran’s hit song “Photograph” is a “note-for-note copying” of Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard’s 2009 song “Amazing.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, instead of disputing the technical musical issues of whether there was infringement, […]

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When Streaming Music Services Collide


According to the BBC, Spotify, the titan of the music-streaming world, is currently in advanced negotiations to purchase Soundcloud, the global online audio distribution platform. The potential merger comes at a time when competition in the music streaming world is at an all time high – although Spotify currently boasts 40 million paid subscribers, Apple […]

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A Possible Legal Trap for “Trap Queen”


According to MTV News, if it were up to Danish musician Lazar Lakic, we would all be living in a Trap Queen-less world. Lakic is suing rapper Fetty Wap and producer Tony Fadd over their quadruple platinum and Grammy nominated hit song “Trap Queen” on grounds that he is the true owner of the track’s […]

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Volume 7-1 Released

Sports Fans

JSEL Volume 7, Number 1 (Full Version PDF) ARTICLES Comparing NCAA and Olympic Athlete Eligibility Dispute Resolution Systems in Light of Procedural Fairness and Substantive Justice Josephine R. Potuto and Matthew J. Mitten Constitutional Voting Rules of Australian National Sporting Organizations: Comparative Analysis and Principles of Constitutional Design Robert D. Macdonald and Ian M. Ramsay  NOTES […]

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Tidal, Microsoft, Google, Rhapsody, and Slacker Face The Billion Dollar Baby of Class Actions


  According to a breaking news story by Digital Music News, multiple music streaming services including Tidal, Microsoft, Google Play, Rhapsody, and Slacker will be facing multiple class action lawsuits for their alleged failures to acquire the appropriate mechanical licenses for song recordings in their repertoires. With each suit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars […]

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“Happy Birthday” Suit Settled for $14 Million

  This past Monday, Warner Music agreed to pay $14 million dollars to end its lawsuit involving the rights to the song “Happy Birthday to You.” Back in 2014, a film producer and two New York music producers filed the class action lawsuit after paying exorbitant licensing fees for use of the popular song. One […]

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RIAA Modernizes: Gold and Platinum Program Now Takes Streaming Into Account

To align its Gold and Platinum Certifications with actual listening trends, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has announced the inclusion of on-demand audio and video streams  in its Gold and Platinum Program. It has become impossible to discuss the music industry without discussing streaming – the phenomenon that has revolutionized music consumption and […]

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CPR for an EDM Corpse: $20 million enough to revive SFX Entertainment?


The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) industry has seen its share of extreme ups  and downs in the last few years. Built largely on big-name glamour and social-media driven popularity, no one has cashed in on the EDM trend like those riding the festival wave, such as successful events companies Insomniac and Goldenvoice; well known for […]

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