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Cox v. NASCAR: Frivolous Action, or Fight Against Racial Discrimination?


Hailing from the Great Peach State, Terrance Cox III filed suit against NASCAR, its parent company and eighteen of its race teams. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York on September 16, 2016, alleges that Mr. Cox’s, “attempts to make NASCAR more racially diverse were rebuffed by the sanctioning body.” According to […]

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New Jersey Argues State Sovereignty for Sports Gambling

Photos taken at Las Vegas.

Former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson has brought New Jersey’s fight to legalize in-state sports gambling to the U.S. Supreme Court. According to the Wall Street Journal, Governor Chris Christie first attempted to legalize sports betting in New Jersey in 2012, but when the courts struck down that law, he signed a new 2014 law […]

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Fashion Police Strike Again!


Ralph Lauren, Payless Shoes, and the Kardashians’ Dash boutique have been sued for allegedly discriminating against visually impaired customers. According to The Fashion Law, plaintiff Andres Gomez filed separate lawsuits against each company last week claiming that, because the defendants’ websites are not equipped with any screen reader software, they have effectively “denied visually impaired […]

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Judge Rules For Disney In Immigration Related Suit


A lawsuit brought by American technology workers against Walt Disney Company and two outsourcing companies, Cognizant Technology Solutions and HCL America, suffered a setback this week when a federal judge dismissed the plaintiffs’ claims. The plaintiffs, who worked at Disney, were laid off and forced to train foreign replacements, claim that Disney conspired with the […]

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Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” Not Worth Ten Thousand Words?


Irish superstar Ed Sheeran and his song writing team were recently hit with a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that Sheeran’s hit song “Photograph” is a “note-for-note copying” of Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard’s 2009 song “Amazing.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, instead of disputing the technical musical issues of whether there was infringement, […]

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Fantasy Sports Gets Dose of Reality in New York City


A group of New Yorkers filed a lawsuit on October 5, 2016 in the New York Supreme Court, challenging a recently enacted law allowing daily fantasy sports (DFS) in the Empire State. DFS are a subset of online fantasy sports in which players compete by building a team of professional athletes from a specific sports […]

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“Smart Chase” Creates Legal Controversy Between Hollywood And China


Das Films, a U.S.-based production company, has sued Bliss Media, a Chinese company, for breach of contract in relation to Orlando Bloom’s new film, Smart Chase: Fire & Earth. According to the complaint, Das and Bliss signed a producer agreement in 2015 for the film, with Das Films as the producer and Bliss as the […]

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When Streaming Music Services Collide


According to the BBC, Spotify, the titan of the music-streaming world, is currently in advanced negotiations to purchase Soundcloud, the global online audio distribution platform. The potential merger comes at a time when competition in the music streaming world is at an all time high – although Spotify currently boasts 40 million paid subscribers, Apple […]

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A Possible Legal Trap for “Trap Queen”


According to MTV News, if it were up to Danish musician Lazar Lakic, we would all be living in a Trap Queen-less world. Lakic is suing rapper Fetty Wap and producer Tony Fadd over their quadruple platinum and Grammy nominated hit song “Trap Queen” on grounds that he is the true owner of the track’s […]

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Windowing in the Music Industry: Drake To Release New Album Exclusively on Apple Music


  Drake’s upcoming album, View From The 6, is coming to fans on April 29th – but only fans who subscribe to Apple Music. As streaming has come to be an undeniable reality rather than a passing trend, “streaming exclusives” are becoming a powerful tool for stars like Drake, Rihanna, and Kanye West to use […]

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