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DoJ Throws Wrench in AT&T – Time Warner Merger


Until last week, it was expected that AT&T’s pending $85.4 billion mega acquisition of Time Warner would close by the end of the year. After almost a year of review, however, the Justice Department has cast doubt on the deal. Late last week, in meetings with AT&T, the Justice Department pressured AT&T to sell Time […]

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Net Neutrality–A Boon for Netflix or a Detriment to Innovation?

Netflix Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings

Last week FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, announced that the Federal Communications Commission would impose strict rules to enforce net neutrality. According to Law360, Wheeler seeks to re-classify broadband providers as public utilities, such that they will be regulated like electric companies. This announcement has been developing over the past few months. Originally, Wheeler sought to […]

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FCC Unanimously Removes Football Blackout Rule


Green Bay Packer fans might be able to breathe a little easier about watching Packers’ playoff games from their homes this winer. According to a story from the Hollywood Reporter, the Federal Communications Commission unanimously chose to remove the football blackout rule.

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