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A Reason To Turn Off Ad-Blocker: YouTube Royalty Payments Increase 370%


In the context of music streaming services and fair royalty payments, YouTube commonly emerges in public dialogue as the de facto “worst” of the streaming giants (https://thetrichordist.com/2014/01/16/while-artists-are-bitching-about-spotify-royalties-google-youtube-and-grooveshark-are-in-the-getaway-car/ ). Yet, new findings by TuneCore will likely alter this widespread public perception. According to a new report, the amount of royalties paid to artists with sound recordings […]

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Hip-Hop Legends Afrika Bambaata and Soulsonic Fight For Their Copyrights


Hip-hop would not be where it is today but for the pivotal roles played by Bronx-based hip-hop legends Afrika Bambaata and Soulsonic Force.They put themselves on the map in the 1980s by releasing iconic tracks such as “Planet Rock,” “Looking for the Beat,” and “Renegade Funk” with record label Rhino Entertainment. Even today, big names […]

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RIAA Modernizes: Gold and Platinum Program Now Takes Streaming Into Account

To align its Gold and Platinum Certifications with actual listening trends, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has announced the inclusion of on-demand audio and video streams  in its Gold and Platinum Program. It has become impossible to discuss the music industry without discussing streaming – the phenomenon that has revolutionized music consumption and […]

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CPR for an EDM Corpse: $20 million enough to revive SFX Entertainment?


The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) industry has seen its share of extreme ups  and downs in the last few years. Built largely on big-name glamour and social-media driven popularity, no one has cashed in on the EDM trend like those riding the festival wave, such as successful events companies Insomniac and Goldenvoice; well known for […]

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#NetflixEverywhere: The Binge Era of TV Consumption


It’s official: Netflix is taking over the world, at least in the online television viewing sphere. While Netflix had been rolling out its services in incremental stages due to subtitling, dubbing its content, and marketing cost, its expansion occurred far ahead of schedule. During his keynote address at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Reed […]

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Thrill of the Fight: Huckabee Defends use of “Eye of the Tiger” at Kim Davis Rally


Rude Music Inc., owned by Frankie Sullivan, is suing yet another politician for copyright infringement. The music company sued Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for copyright infringement after he used the company’s song, “Eye of the Tiger,” at a rally in support of Kim Davis. Ms. Davis, the now infamous Kentucky clerk, was jailed after […]

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ASCAP Shows Commitment to Greater Transparency

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) is one of the two largest Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) in the country. Boasting a repertoire of over 10 million musical compositions from over half a million members, ASCAP can now also boast that it is the first PRO to make “licensable share data” readily available […]

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Taylor Swift “Shakes Off” Plagiarism Suit

  Jesse Braham, an amateur musician, filed a copyright infringement suit in federal court in California against international pop star Taylor Swift. His complaint alleged that lyrics from Swift’s chart-topping single “Shake It Off” were 92% plagiarized from a song he wrote in 2013, “Haters Gonna Hate.” He specifically claimed Swift’s lyric, “the players gonna […]

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The Clock is Going “Tik Tok” on Ke$ha’s Career Prospects


Dr. Luke, the mastermind behind certain smash hits from Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, and Ke$ha, have been embroiled in a fierce legal battle for over a year. Ke$ha accused the music producer of a multitude of charges including sexual misconduct, battery, rape, and abuse. Moreover, Ke$ha largely blamed Dr. Luke for her troubles that […]

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Second Circuit Turns the Page on Google Books


As the Atlantic reports, the Second Circuit issued a ruling in Author’s Guild, Inc. v. Google this month, holding that Google’s massive book digitization project, “Google Books,” is a non-infringing use. To create Google Books, the company scanned millions of library books and made portions of each book available for free online. Users can search Google’s […]

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