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Oprah “Owns Her Power”


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Oprah Winfrey was victorious in a recent trademark suit regarding the use of the phrase “Own Your Power.” The phrase, which appears on the cover of her magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine, and other various Oprah products, was allegedly a registered trademark of Simone Kelly-Brown, a motivational services entrepreneur. Kelly-Brown filed the suit […]

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TiVo: The New Aereo?


According to the Hollywood Reporter, after declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Aereo auctioned off its assets last week, in an effort to recover funds to repay $4.2 million of various liabilities. Interestingly, no one bought the infamous antennas that were the heart of Aereo’s business model. Rather RPX Corporation bought the company’s patents for $225,000; Alliance Technology […]

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Blurred Lines Update


And the fight continues…. According to Law360, the lawsuit began in August 2013 when the now defendants (Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and rapper T.I.) asked the court for a declaratory judgment to prove their, song “Blurred Lines,” did not infringe Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” This strategic move backfired, as they now find themselves […]

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Mashawn Lynch: A Man of Few but Lucrative Words


As a man of few words, Marshawn Lynch continues to collect and profit off of his unwillingness to engage with the media. On Super Bowl XLIX’s media day, the Seattle Seahawks running back repeatedly responded to reporters’ questions with “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” The phrase went viral. Even Katy Perry, Super Bowl […]

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Marley Heirs Win Lanham Act Case


According to Billboard, Bob Marley’s heirs succeeded in obtaining damages from merchandisers who utilized Marley’s image without the estate’s permission. To prevent unauthorized uses of Marley’s likeness, his children created Fifty-Six Hope Road Music, a company which regulates the licensing of his image. In this case, which began in 2008, Fifty-Six Hope sued A.V.E.L.A. and other manufacturers of various […]

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Freeplay Music: Infringement Victim or Copyright Troll?


According to Variety, Freeplay Music is suing four multichannel networks (MCNs) on YouTube. These include, AwesomenessTV, Big Frame (owned by AwesomenessTV), BroadbandTV, and Disney’s Maker Studios. Freeplay, a music licensing company, claims that these channels have infringed its copyrights in the the music it licenses to consumers. The Company also alleges that the defendants refused to negotiate […]

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Left Shark Dispute


“Left Shark” became an Internet phenomenon after Katy Perry’s Super Bowl half-time show earlier this month. In fact, Perry now is seeking to assert a copyright claim in the character (an out-of-sync back-up dancer), according to TechDirt. After the show, Fernando Sosa sought to sell 3D printed versions of Left Shark online. Shortly thereafter, Perry’s […]

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Sony Requests Class Actions to be Dismissed


According to the Hollywood Reporter, on Monday Sony Pictures requested that eight class action lawsuits be dismissed. Sony also has submitted a motion to consolidate these actions. Ultimately, Sony claims that that the plaintiffs have not asserted an actual injury (i.e. identity theft or fraudulent charges). Instead, the lawsuits, that were filed on behalf of ex-employees […]

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Net Neutrality–A Boon for Netflix or a Detriment to Innovation?

Netflix Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings

Last week FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, announced that the Federal Communications Commission would impose strict rules to enforce net neutrality. According to Law360, Wheeler seeks to re-classify broadband providers as public utilities, such that they will be regulated like electric companies. This announcement has been developing over the past few months. Originally, Wheeler sought to […]

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Phillip Phillips: Let Me Be “Gone, Gone, Gone” From My American Idol Recording Contract

American Idols Live! Tour 2012 at Key Arena

Imagine you win one of the most successful reality television shows in history, along with the hearts and votes of millions of Americans. Yet, now, you are forced to sign a contract that allows your managers and producers to refuse to disclose to you the name of your upcoming album, obligates you to perform live […]

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