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Weinstein Considers Taking Legal Action Against New York Times


Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has indicated, via his attorney Charles Harder, that he is considering taking legal action against the New York Times (“NYT”) over the paper’s recent story detailing Weinstein’s history of alleged sexual misconduct. According to an email sent by Harder to The Hollywood Reporter, Harder claims that the NYT’s story “relies on […]

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Criminals on Ice?

hockey puck

By stepping onto the ice at a hockey game, players are not consenting to acts of extreme violence, at least according to Canadian court. A Quebec judge has awarded a plaintiff $8 million in damages after a hit from behind paralyzed the player back in 2010. The judge stated that players are entitled to the […]

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Johnny Football Facing Criminal Charges


The career of Heisman trophy winner and Texas A&M all-star quarterback, Johnny Manziel, continues in a downward spiral since being relegated to the third string for the Cleveland Browns at the end of this last season. Despite his promising talent, his history of alcohol abuse and videos of his raucous partying in Texas on a […]

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