Is Real-World Protection Available for Fictional Fashions?

By Douglas Hand, Jr. and Marc S. Reiner[1] I.               Introduction Englishman Charles Frederick Worth is credited as the father of the modern fashion industry in the nineteenth century.[2] Through his brand – House of Worth – he was the first designer to create...

Jumpman Case Is No Slam Dunk

Jacobus Rentmeester, photographer of the iconic Michael Jordan dunking image, is suing Nike for copyright infringement.

Occam’s Razor and Sports Wagering Law

The Third Circuit’s recent decision upholding the ban on sports betting may be in violation of the Supreme Court’s decision on a similar case in 1999.

Unpaid Interns in Sports and Entertainment

Unpaid internships, the generally accepted path to a career in sports and entertainment, have come under siege through Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) challenges alleging violations of minimum wage and overtime compensation regulations.

Defamation, Celebrities, and the Internet

By the very nature of their positions, celebrities in both the sports and entertainment spheres generate significant public attention and discussion.