Interview with Professor Peter Carfagna

The Journal on Sports and Entertainment Law recently sat down with Harvard Law School Professor Peter Carfagna to discuss current issues in sports law.


McFarlin: Ray Rice Video Shows that Cameras Should Do the Talking

In both tragedies of domestic violence and alleged police brutality, the victim can be silenced. Cameras can’t.


Defamation, Celebrities, and the Internet

By the very nature of their positions, celebrities in both the sports and entertainment spheres generate significant public attention and discussion.


Kickstarting Litigation: What is the Future of Crowdfunded Films?

On April 12, 2013, The Veronica Mars Movie project broke fund raising records, with 91,585 backers pledging a total of $5,702,153. The catch? The film was funded on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.


The NFL and Super Bowl Ticket Prices (Finkelman v. NFL)

A few weeks ago, Josh Finkelman sat in the upper decks of MetLife Stadium watching the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. The price for those nosebleed seats? $4,000 for two tickets.

Recent News


Sony Pictures Hack


According to Fox News, there may be a connection between the hack on Sony Pictures’ computer network and North Korea. Apparently, the malware that was placed on the computers was written in Korean; however, some think that this was a purposeful attempt to confuse investigators as to the origin of the attack. Authorities still are […]

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Ray Rice Wins Appeal of Indefinite Suspension

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 20, 2009

According to ESPN, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice won his appeal of his indefinite suspension from the NFL on Friday. In her decision, United States District Judge Barbara S. Jones concluded that Rice did not lie or mislead Roger Goodell in Rice’s June interview with the NFL commissioner.  Therefore, Jones found that the […]

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More Victims Step Forward in the Bill Cosby Suit


According to CBS News, former model Janice Dickinson is the sixth woman to step forward with allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby. The first claim was made in January 2005, by Andrea Constand. The former Temple University basketball team staff member asserted that Cosby drugged and raped her at his home. Yet, due to […]

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FIFA Files Criminal Complaint Concerning World Cup Hosting Rights


  According to Sports Illustrated, FIFA has submitted a criminal complaint to Switzerland’s attorney general concerning the hosting rights of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The complaint alleges improper transfer of assets through Switzerland and calls for an examination by criminal prosecution authorities. This comes after the FIFA Ethics Committee released a summary report […]

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Breakdown Services Lawsuit


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Breakdown Services is seeking a preliminary injunction against  three individuals–Frank Moran, Louise Yanofsky and Steven Rubin–who manipulated the system to bypass a credential check. Breakdown Services receives scripts and requests for script reads from casting directors. Then these submissions are sent to licensed talent agents and qualified personal managers who screen the roles before […]

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Peterson Grievance Hearing Held Today


According to Pro Football Talk, suspended Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will receive a hearing on his status today, with a decision coming by the end of the week. The hearing, which will be held under arbitrator Shyam Das, comes after the NFL Players Association filed an expedited grievance with the NFL requesting the immediate […]

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En Banc Hearing for the Innocence of Muslims Case


According to Variety, Judge Sidney Thomas for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, ordered that the “Innocence of Muslims” video case be reheard en banc this upcoming December. The previous ruling shocked tech firms as the 9th Circuit ruled that Cindy Lee Garcia held a copyright interest in her very small role in the film, and ordered […]

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Obama Endorses Net Neutrality


According to Deadline, President Obama supported the reclassification of broadband service in the Telecommunications Act on Monday morning, from an information service to a telecommunications service. This has implications for the entertainment industry primarily in the television sphere. The reclassification would allow the FCC to regulate Internet in the same way that it currently regulates telephone […]

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Blackhorse Defendants Seek Dismissal of Redskins Lawsuit


According to the Washington Post, attorneys for five Native Americans have asked a federal district judge in Alexandria, VA to dismiss a lawsuit brought against them by the Washington Redskins. The Native Americans are the same group who successfully challenged the Redskins’ trademarks in front of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office board. The group […]

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