Jumpman Case Is No Slam Dunk

Jacobus Rentmeester, photographer of the iconic Michael Jordan dunking image, is suing Nike for copyright infringement.


Occam’s Razor and Sports Wagering Law

The Third Circuit’s recent decision upholding the ban on sports betting may be in violation of the Supreme Court’s decision on a similar case in 1999.


Unpaid Interns in Sports and Entertainment

Unpaid internships, the generally accepted path to a career in sports and entertainment, have come under siege through Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) challenges alleging violations of minimum wage and overtime compensation regulations.


Interview with Professor Peter Carfagna

The Journal on Sports and Entertainment Law recently sat down with Harvard Law School Professor Peter Carfagna to discuss current issues in sports law.


McFarlin: Ray Rice Video Shows that Cameras Should Do the Talking

In both tragedies of domestic violence and alleged police brutality, the victim can be silenced. Cameras can’t.

Recent News


Blurred Lines Update


And the fight continues…. According to Law360, the lawsuit began in August 2013 when the now defendants (Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and rapper T.I.) asked the court for a declaratory judgment to prove their, song “Blurred Lines,” did not infringe Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” This strategic move backfired, as they now find themselves […]

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Federal Court Rules Against NFL in Peterson Case


According to ESPN, U.S. District Judge David Doty has ruled that the NFL’s arbitrator “failed to meet his duty” when deciding to uphold Adrian Peterson’s suspension stemming from his child abuse case. This clears the way for Peterson to be immediately reinstated to the NFL. Judge Doty found that Harold Henderson, the NFL’s arbitrator, “simply […]

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Mashawn Lynch: A Man of Few but Lucrative Words


As a man of few words, Marshawn Lynch continues to collect and profit off of his unwillingness to engage with the media. On Super Bowl XLIX’s media day, the Seattle Seahawks running back repeatedly responded to reporters’ questions with “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” The phrase went viral. Even Katy Perry, Super Bowl […]

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Marley Heirs Win Lanham Act Case


According to Billboard, Bob Marley’s heirs succeeded in obtaining damages from merchandisers who utilized Marley’s image without the estate’s permission. To prevent unauthorized uses of Marley’s likeness, his children created Fifty-Six Hope Road Music, a company which regulates the licensing of his image. In this case, which began in 2008, Fifty-Six Hope sued A.V.E.L.A. and other manufacturers of various […]

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Wrigley Rooftop Owners Denied Preliminary Injunction


  According to the Chicago Tribune, U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall denied a request for a preliminary injunction that would have halted construction of video boards and outfield advertising signs as part of the Chicago Cub’s $375 Million renovation plan for Wrigley Field. Rooftop operators beyond left field, who sell season tickets to watch the Cubs games from […]

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Yelp Trademark Suit


According to the Consumerist, Yelp has a filed a lawsuit against three websites–Revpley, Revleap.me, and YelpDirector. Yelp’s suit asserts that the sites have engaged in trademark infringement, unfair competition, contract interference, false advertising, and cybersquatting. The defendant websites all propose to offer companies methods to increase their ratings on Yelp. In fact, YelpDirector sent emails to […]

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Freeplay Music: Infringement Victim or Copyright Troll?


According to Variety, Freeplay Music is suing four multichannel networks (MCNs) on YouTube. These include, AwesomenessTV, Big Frame (owned by AwesomenessTV), BroadbandTV, and Disney’s Maker Studios. Freeplay, a music licensing company, claims that these channels have infringed its copyrights in the the music it licenses to consumers. The Company also alleges that the defendants refused to negotiate […]

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Minor League Baseball Minimum Wage Suit Secures Small Victory

Minor League Basell

According to NBC Sports and the Courthouse News Service, U.S. District Judge Joseph Spero stated today that he is unlikely to transfer a class action against MLB alleging violations of fair labor practices with respect to minor league baseball players to the Middle District of Florida. Judge Spero argued that transfer was unnecessary, as alleged violations were nationwide […]

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Lance Armstrong Loses Arbitration Dispute With Promotion Company


According to USA Today, Lance Armstrong will be ordered to pay $10 million after losing an arbitration dispute against the sports insurance firm that paid his Tour de France bonuses. SCA Promotions, who sued Armstrong for fraud in securing his Tour de France titles, asked a Texas Court on Monday to turn the arbitral panel’s 2-1 […]

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